What Is Spam Musubi?

Another popular Hawaiian lunch food and snack are made from a block of rice and a grilled slice of Spam that is wrapped together using nori dried seaweed like the traditional Japanese omusubi. This kind of dish is really simple to create yet provides a unique taste that no one would want to miss especially during luau or other special occasions.

Whenever you visit various convenience stores across Hawaii, you can find these snacks near the cash registers. It can be eaten easily and bring anywhere and is very inexpensive that could fit the budget of anyone. Continue reading “What Is Spam Musubi?”

What Is Pipikaula?

There are many who love the leathery snack called beef jerky, but for those who don’t like its leathery texture, the Hawaiian cuisine has its very own version called Pipikaula. This is somewhat like a beef jerky but does not have a dried and leathery like texture. It is full of flavor and is slightly tender and moist more like a pastrami.

Pipikaula or also called as beef string or beef rope is a popular Hawaiian dish that is salted, seasoned, and dried beef. It is said that the old way of preparing this dish is by braiding raw beef like a string and hanging it until it dries, thus the term “beef string.”

Traditionally, it was eaten by Paniolos or the Hawaiian cowboys and can be prepared by Continue reading “What Is Pipikaula?”

What Is Limu (Ogo)?

Limu is the term used by Hawaiians for algae while Japanese call it Ogo. As many people know, algae or seaweed is a popular sea plant included in various Hawaiian dishes. Though there are places where limu is difficult to be gathered due to pollution and other elements, there are still those who grow these in alternative areas.

Among the Polynesians, the Hawaiians are considered to be unique when it comes to the regular use of seaweed. Traditionally, they take it as the third ingredient needed to achieve a nutritionally balanced diet along with poi and fish. Aside from added garnishing purpose, adding limu also contributes to the significant amounts of minerals and vitamins.

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