What is a Loco Moco?

What is the Loco Moco Dish?

A contemporary Hawaiian cuisine, Loco Moco is traditionally made with white rice and topped with hamburger patty, fried egg and delicious brown gravy. There are already many variations of the dish that includes different ingredients like spam, ham, bacon, chili, teriyaki beef, and other meats just to name a few. Aside from being known as a popular Hawaiian dish, it is also the name of a restaurant chain in Hawaii serving various rice bowl dishes. Continue reading “What is a Loco Moco?”

Aloha food world!

Coming soon! A blog on Hawaii’s unique “melting pot” cuisine and both modern and traditional “Hawaiian” inspired/derived recipes.

By “Hawaiian”, I’m not only speaking about the traditional foods that the ancient Hawaiian people ate, but also the food that has been inspired and accustomed to Hawaii’s cuisine today.

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