What is a Lau Lau?

Hawaiian cuisine is famous for various dishes that people from different parts of the world love to eat. Laulau is another native dish from Hawaiian cuisine that is traditionally prepared with pork that is wrapped with taro leaf. The old method of preparing this dish is by assembling several luau leaves and putting several pieces of pork and fish in the middle. Today, taro leaves are being used instead of the luau leaves, with salted butterfish and chicken, beef or pork. These are usually cooked through steaming over a stove. This dish is typically lunch dish that is served with macaroni salad and rice on the side.

When following the classical way of preparing this dish, the ends of all luau leaves are usually folded and are wrapped again in the leaves. Once ready, the dish will be placed inside an imu or an underground oven. Hot rocks are placed over the dish and covered in several banana leaves and buried again. The dish will be cooked underground for several hours before the dish is ready to be served.

Just like other popular Hawaiian dishes, Laulau already has different variations as it is prepared in different places. There are also similar dishes to Laulau like the Polynesian version which is called as Tongan “lupulu” where corned beef is used. Another is the Samoan “fai’ai” and “palusami” that can either contain shrimp, eel, fish or other types of seafood combination or just using a certain type of seafood alone.

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