What is a Loco Moco?

What is the Loco Moco Dish?

A contemporary Hawaiian cuisine, Loco Moco is traditionally made with white rice and topped with hamburger patty, fried egg and delicious brown gravy. There are already many variations of the dish that includes different ingredients like spam, ham, bacon, chili, teriyaki beef, and other meats just to name a few. Aside from being known as a popular Hawaiian dish, it is also the name of a restaurant chain in Hawaii serving various rice bowl dishes.

This dish was reported to be created first in 1949 at Lincoln Grill restaurants at Hilo, Hawaii by the proprietors of the restaurant when teenagers of the Lincoln Wreckers Sports Club were looking for something different other than sandwiches that are inexpensive, but can be prepared and served quickly. It was first made with putting rice in a bowl, followed by a hamburger patty and top it off with some brown gravy. Fried egg was added later. Its name was created from the nickname of one of the members of the teenage group, which is “Crazy” and suggested to use its Spanish term “Loco” and tagged “Moco” as it rhymed with the first word and sounded good.

From the moment the dish was made, it gained popularity across Hawaii and is now included in the menus of various Hawaiian restaurants not only in the island, but also in different parts of the US. Aside from Hawaii and the United States, the popularity of this dish has already reached Samoa, Guam, Saipan and Japan, but is prepared in a more Japanese way to meet their bento preparation.

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