What is Kalua Pig?

Kalua Pig or slow cooked pig is a popular tourist attraction in many Hawaiian restaurants mainly because of its unique cooking process and also its distinct taste. Traditionally, this dish recipe is prepared with the use of a whole pig being roasted underground. Most of the places where this kind of dish is usually prepared have an underground pit or the imu where the pig or pork is cooked slowly under low to medium heat.

This is usually the most important dish prepared in a Hawaiian luau and is always the centerpiece of the table. It is salted and seasoned according to traditional recipe and is prepared to be cooked a day before any occasion. The length of time required to cook the entire pig underground is an entire day. This is to make sure that all the flavors will stick to the meat, which gives its salty and smoky flavor.

Hawaiian Cuisine: Kalua Pig

As many people like the taste of this unique dish, there are restaurants preparing it with the same slow cooked process yet with their oven or pressure cooker. For those who are attempting to cook this dish in their kitchen, experts recommend the use of Hawaiian salt and for the unique smoky flavor, they are recommended to use liquid smoke flavoring. Many love this dish in Hawaiian restaurants and even prepare it at home as they love of the juicy and tender meat with the unique combination of salty and smoky flavor bursting in their mouth with each bite.

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