What Is Limu (Ogo)?

Limu is the term used by Hawaiians for algae while Japanese call it Ogo. As many people know, algae or seaweed is a popular sea plant included in various Hawaiian dishes. Though there are places where limu is difficult to be gathered due to pollution and other elements, there are still those who grow these in alternative areas.

Among the Polynesians, the Hawaiians are considered to be unique when it comes to the regular use of seaweed. Traditionally, they take it as the third ingredient needed to achieve a nutritionally balanced diet along with poi and fish. Aside from added garnishing purpose, adding limu also contributes to the significant amounts of minerals and vitamins.

When it comes to the traditional diets of Hawaiians, seaweed is still used as a common ingredient combined in various dishes that many enjoy. Though there are supermarkets that are already selling limu, there are still Hawaiians who practice the original method of preparing and growing this sea plant.

Limu is usually served as healthy vegetables mixed in salads, poke, and stews. It is also used as condiments that can add zest to any dishes and is considered as a great source of minerals and important vitamins like C, A, riboflavin and B12.

Limu Poke

Hawaiians choose to eat seaweed either raw or with being cooked in any dish. There are types of limu that can be eaten raw and should be cooked. Most of the time, these seaweeds are blanched to cook it slightly before it is added to salads or being eaten alone. Aside from being eaten, it is also used for its medicinal purposes.

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