What Is Spam Musubi?

Another popular Hawaiian lunch food and snack are made from a block of rice and a grilled slice of Spam that is wrapped together using nori dried seaweed like the traditional Japanese omusubi. This kind of dish is really simple to create yet provides a unique taste that no one would want to miss especially during luau or other special occasions.

Whenever you visit various convenience stores across Hawaii, you can find these snacks near the cash registers. It can be eaten easily and bring anywhere and is very inexpensive that could fit the budget of anyone.

There is a typical or traditional way of preparing the dish with grilling each slice of spam that can come either in plain flavor or with light teriyaki flavor. Some use a mold to shape the rice like that of a spam and are then placed on long yet narrow seaweed. Before the rice is removed from the mold, the spam must be placed over the rice first. After this, the seaweed is wrapped over the rice and spam and is served normally with Japanese mayonnaise or soy sauce.

Aside from spam, there are also some versions where scrambled egg is placed between the rice and spam. For variation purposes, some are using hot dogs, pork cutlet, fried shrimp or chicken katsu.

It became popular during the 2nd World War in Hawaii and was known as the main course eaten by troops throughout the war and the military presence on the island brought the widespread use of spam for the dish.

Spam Musubi Recipe

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